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Chargeback Recovery & Avoidance


Our teams thoroughly analyze chargebacks and deductions to dispute unauthorized and erroneous short pays.

On-going reporting identifies bottlenecks and breakdowns in the order-to-cash cycle to minimize chargebacks on a go-forward basis. 

Deduction Management
Engagement managers work closely with client teams across sales, finance, logistics, operations, and customer service to set strategic protocols for controlling dilution and losses.

Our team equips key stakeholders with practical and tactical remediation plans to improve P&L responsibilities. 


Advisory & Best Practice Consulting


We train our clients' personnel and back office staff with the unique expertise and skillset required to effectively improve policies and processes related to deduction management and chargeback avoidance. 


Recommendations and advisory services consider both automation opportunities and personnel support to reduce overall costs and improve efficiencies.

Supply Chain Document Tracking & Retrieval


With the use of cloud-based technology, our teams and clients are able to access key documentation for effective A/R remediation. Our software platform can also enhance A/P functions.


Integrations along the supply chain make visible critical documentation from financial institutions to suppliers to logistics providers. Digital image retrieval and exception reporting enable near real-time resolution.

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